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Exclusive Members Community

Join a faith-filled community where you can fellowship with other women and access tools that will help you to become spiritually mature so that you can blossom into the woman God has called you to be.

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You don't have to take this walk alone, we're here for you.

The Cultivating Woman's Community provides you with the necessary resources to help you thrive spiritually. We've done all the work for you by providing you with exclusive access to discipleship courses, workbooks, live accountability sessions and so much more.

Join Jailyn and a community of Women who are cultivating their lives with God's word and living lives of spiritual fruitfulness.


The Cultivating Woman is all about community.

Which is why we believe that it is vital for all believers to be connected to a community where they can thrive and grow in their faith with other believers. Whether new or experienced in your faith, you need others and others need you .

But the Exclusive Community Membership isn't just for making new connections within the community. The Exclusive community is also about equipping you with the tools necessary for you to cultivate and grow into the woman God called you to be. 

Our top priority is to help you get closer to God . We want to make reading and studying your bible easier.

Why Join The Membership?

Gain Unlimited Access To Discipleship Training Courses & Workbooks

What's Waiting For You Inside The Community?

  • Accountability Meetings & Community prayer every week.

  • Chat rooms to fellowship with other believers

  • E-books

  • Discipleship courses with workbooks.

  • Monthly Cultivate Magazine


Is The Exclusive Community Membership a Paid plan? Yes. In order to become a Exclusive Member you will need to pay a monthly fee to have access to the membership .

What If The Membership Isn't For Me? This membership is for those desiring to learn more about their bible and their faith. While also making new connections and learning how to include God into every area of your life. The content and courses in this membership is beginner friendly to new believer who have no knowledge of the bible or about Jesus. This membership is also for those who are more familiar with their faith and the bible. If you do no like the membership for any reason or feel as though it's not a good fir for you, you can cancel your subscrition !

If I don't like the membership can I get a refund ? Absolutely ! If for whatever reason you do not like the membership or you do not feel it's a good fit for you , you can cancel at any time ! Just send a reques for cancellation by clicking the "Contact Us" button at the top.

What Type Of Payment Plans Are Available? As of right now all payment plans are monthly payment plans. The options for plans can be viewed below.

Do we meet physically? No the Cultivating Woman Exclusive Community will never meet in person. Our monthly meetings are online only, accessible by a link sent via email.

Exclusive Community Payment Plans

Best Value

Exclusive Community Access



Every month

Join a community of Women who are cultivating their lives through community and God's word.

Valid until canceled

Unlimited discipleship training courses and workbooks.

Weekly accountability meetings with prayer.

Chat rooms and community with other believers.

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