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Oh My gosh ,

Something Amazing
Is Coming Soon!

Hey Girl,
Are You Looking For A Community That Will Help You Grow Spiritually?

The Cultivating Woman’s Community has exactly what you need. We offer both Community and Discipleship . 


This Community was Created by Jay, to help provide women with a safe Godly space for Christian Women to share their faith and spiritually grow.

Who Is The Cultivating Woman?

The Cultivating Woman is an online ministry that provides women with Community and the resources that they need to spiritually grow and cultivate their souls.


We strive to provide a community that will meet the needs of every woman no matter her current level of faith.


We are here for: 

  • the lost Christian woman. 

  •  the broken Christian woman.

  • the healing Christian woman.

  •  the spiritually deprived Christian Woman.

  •  the Spiritually mature Christian woman.

  • Christian Women of all ages and all walks of life.


Reserve Your Spot While You Can!

Join The waitlist so that you can receive more information about The Community and What you can expect.

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