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Does Your Worship Need An Upgrade?

Did you know that there is a right and wrong way to worship God?

Learning how to worship God effectively can really take your relationship with him to the next level.

Your worship is one of the most powerful tools God has given you, it is not only beautiful but it is very powerful because when done correctly it produces results.

When you understand the power of your worship and how to use it then you can really begin to take your relationship with God to the next level.

What Is Worship?

Worship is an outward expression of adoration or reverence for a deity — in this case God.

Your worship is not limited to singing Maverick City and lifting your hands towards the sky as you utter the words to the song.

Worship is so much deeper and it exceeds far above a feeling.

When you worship you show your level of dedication to Christ.

When you Worship you magnify Christ making him bigger than any situation and any person.

In the case of spiritual warfare, your worship is an alarm or battle cry to the enemy.

In warfare, your worship has the ability to cause God to send out ambushes against your enemy.

Worshiping amid warfare has the ability to free you and keep you in the presence of the Lord. - Jay Smith

Why Is Worship So Powerful?

When you worship it's more than just an outward expression. If you’re upset then you worship to draw nearer to Christ and find comfort.

If you’re afraid you worship to find salvation and protection in Christ. If you’re happy you worship to give thanks to Christ.

So do you see how worship when done correctly is producing something?

This makes worship so powerful because no matter the reason for your worship, you worship with expectancy. You don’t just worship for no reason at all.

You worship because you expect to have an encounter with God, not an experience. - Jay Smith

When you worship you expect the spirit of the Lord to show up and make his presence known. When you worship God you worship with expectancy and that expectancy is what will cause you to have an encounter with God.

Notice I said an encounter with God and not an experience.

An encounter is a long-term meeting. In an encounter, some sort of exchange happens.

An experience is a short-term meeting and usually, only exposure happens. So when we relate this to God, when you have an encounter with God you get into his presence and exchange happens for the woman with the issue of blood encounter leads to the exchange of God’s healing virtue for her sickness.

When you encounter God you will never leave the same way you came.

So here are 7 Ways to Worship effectively so that You can Encounter God.

1. Worship with Psalms.

Reading the Psalms in the bible is a great way to not only bring comfort but also to worship God. There are many psalms that testify to God’s goodness and sovereignty. Here are just a few below :

  • Psalm 103 - Bless The Lord O My Soul

  • Psalm 34 - Taste and See That The Lord Is Good

  • Psalm 18 - The Lord Is My Rock & My Fortress

  • Psalm 81 - Oh, That My People Would Listen To Me

2. Worship in Silence.

Remember that worshipping to the sound of praise and worship music is not the only form of worship.

However, laying straight before the Lord in silence is also a form of worship. Your position communicates to God that you have humbled yourself before him, you have surrendered your agenda & request to hear what he has to say and you are distraction-free.

3. Worship when things are bad and there seems to be no hope.

Your worship should not only be limited to when everything in your life is going well.

If it is then you are in some serious trouble and in a position for a rude awakening.

You should also be able to worship God in uncomfortable times, in situations that seem hopeless.

Your ability to worship God during the hard times speaks of your level of dedication to God, your level of faith (trust), and that you understand the character of God.

When you find yourself in an impossible situation, offer up thanksgiving to God.

Reflect on the things God has brought you through and if you don't have any yet then read your bible and observe how God carried his people through trials being confident that if God did it for them then he can do it for you.

4. Worship with Your Actions.

When I say worship with your actions I don’t mean dance or fling your arms in the air, although these are forms of worship.

However to worship with your actions means to dedicate everything that you do whether eating, drinking, or praying for someone, to the glory of the Lord.

Offer to pray for someone, be a listening ear for someone, loan to someone expecting nothing in return. When you do these things you glorify God and you show evidence that you are bearing fruit.

5. Worship With Your Thoughts.

The truth is, you won't be able to control every thought that comes into your mind. You just simply can’t, however, you can control whether or not that thought can stay or be uprooted by God’s word.

As a Christian, your mind is a battlefield and seemingly easy access for the enemy.

However, God says that when we give our oath to follow him and live for him we become new creations. We no longer think the same, act the same, or walk the same (spiritually ) (2 Corin 5:17).

Having a renewed mindset will help you on your walk with Christ, not only helping you to draw closer to him but also helping you to worship him in spirit and in truth.

In Philippians 4:8 Paul gives you a guideline for filtering your thoughts. Paul says that we should think about things that are true, honorable, right, pure lovely, and admirable.

6. Worship With Your Dedication To Christ.

Your dedication to Christ is also a form of worship. One synonym for worship is to be a witness.

When you worship you are witnessing all that God has done for you.

When you worship you are witnessing your thankfulness for what God has done for you.

When you worship you are witnessing that the character of God is true.

Let your worship be a sign not unto people of your dedication to Christ but let it be confirmation unto Christ of your level of dedication to Christ.

7. Worship With The Posture Of Your Heart.

Finally, worship with the posture of your heart.

Let your heart for others outwardly testify of the love of Christ that dwells within you. Let your heart outwardly testify to God your submission and reverence for him.

Do good work for the Lord, demonstrating his love and kindness to them. Not just believers but especially unbelievers.

Ask God to help you cultivate the heart of a servant and bring glory to him in everything you do.

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