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Don't stay down, get back up!

I can remember many times since I have been in college where I have wanted to just completely drop out and never come back. I mean who really needs college anyways? I’m pretty sure I can just get a good 9-5 job and be just fine. I can remember many times of bargaining with myself just to make my reasoning for dropping out of college seem valid, but I still knew deep down inside that nursing was my passion not because of the money but because I love to take care of people. That’s who I am, I am natural caregiver. I knew deep down inside that if I ever just gave up on my passion, I would never forgive myself.

“I’m such a failure” I can remember telling myself, even during prayer I would tell God I couldn’t do it; I would tell him that he mixed me up with someone else. After a couple of weeks of pouring out my heart to him thinking I would hear "okay just stop" I started to receive encouragement through other people. Just when I thought I was at the end of my failed college journey God spoke to my heart again. He reminded me of why I began this journey and why it was so important to me to finish no matter how hard.

So I began to start my journey again from where I messed up, all of those failed classes I retook and some of those classes I aced, others I did my best and passed them. The determination I had once I got back up came from those past failures . Those failures are what drove me to become a better me. We will all have fails in our life but how we choose to look at our failures is what really matters. Don’t just look at your failures as a major set-back but look at it as a second opportunity to become a better you. Get creative but most importantly, GET BACK UP!


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