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God Is The Only One Deserving Of Your Worship

Why are you cast down, O my soul? And why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God; For I shall yet praise Him, The help of my countenance and my God. - Psalm 42:11

The word for God in this passage is Elohim. Meaning God above all gods.

A few days ago God spoke to me and put in my heart to do some research about the significance of this month. This month on the Hebrew calendar marks the beginning of the darkest time in Hebrew history. It marks 5 significant events followed by spiritual dryness, darkness, mourning, and breaking of the covenant (because of Idolatry). In this month summer solstice began, but on our calendar, it began June 20th. Summer Solstice was celebrated by the Israelite women in the old testament and is even celebrated in today’s society with huge festivals, dedicating their worship to a Babylonian god by the name of Tammuz. Tammuz, whose name means “the spring of life” was known for being the god of fertility and agriculture.

If you didn’t know, the summer solstice marks the beginning of summer but it also marks the beginning of extreme weather which can bring about drought and death among the livestock and humans. So every year in July according to the Hebrew calendar the Israelites, mainly the women, would abstain from all sexual acts and they would weep and mourn over Tammuz for a period of 3 days. Their weeping was supposed to be an act of resurrection that would cause Tammuz to come back from the underworld and bring with him agriculture and fertility for their land. This is significant for 2 reasons :

  1. It shows their dedication to this foreign god/idol, the same dedication that we should be showing to God.

  2. It shows the power of our worship

The Israelite women were so dedicated to this foreign god that they not only wept over his death but they did it in the midst of the Lord's Temple! They used 2 of the most powerful resources God had given them both of which were only meant to be dedicated to the Lord, their ability to worship, and the temple which was dedicated to house the spirit of God so that they could meet and fellowship with him. Not only is this disrespectful but mighty bold.

But I want you to notice something here, the power in worship. These women believed that their worship was powerful enough to bring back their idol. They believed it so much they spent 3 days mourning and weeping for him. But not only did they believe it was powerful enough to achieve this but they expected this idol to perform exactly what they were hoping. That’ll preach!

  • What would happen if every believer believed this strongly about the power of their worship?

  • What would happen if we worshipped God with expectancy?

  • What would happen if we were dedicated to worshipping God?

We would surely have an encounter with Christ!

The Israelites had many idols and it was because they lacked faith (trust) in God. They didn’t understand the character of God and they had trouble keeping his commandments because they viewed them as a set of rules rather than instructions for guidance.

God will not give us everything that we want when we want it and we have to understand that it’s true because he knows what’s best for us. He is protecting us because he cares for us. A lot of times God’s no will cause us to go around God and look to other sources of supremacy to get what we desire. But the truth is, there’s only room for one God in our life and when this God shows up he brings salvation, victory, steadfast love, and protection.

This God, Elohim, is the only God deserving of our worship.


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