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God Will Meet You Where You Are

A lot of times we focus on our circumstances way more than we should. We sometimes forget that when we go through these things God never abandons, us he's still there holding our hand. He's still there protecting us and guiding us through the troubled waters. Every trial that we face is not in vain but for our better. The storm is necessary to teach us, to mold us, to strengthen us, to guide us and to show us how powerful God really is. But the reward afterwards will be better and well worth it. God knew what trials were laying ahead of you and he knew when he chose you that you could handle every last one of them.

No matter how broken you feel, God will meet you there. No matter how lost you are, God will meet you there . No matter how weak you are, God will meet you there . No matter how many times you mess up, God will meet you there. He loves you and he will never give up on you or leave you stranded. Even if you've been through the same trial twice his love and mercy will never run out, because he loves you. Sometimes we just have to learn how to have trust in him and have patience.

Father I Thank you for every trial that I go through , I thank you for every difficult task you have given me because you knew I could handle them. I thank you for every difficult task I face because I know that you are shaping me into a better and stronger me. I thank you for choosing me to carry out your wonderful works. Father I pray that during the difficult times you will remind me to seek you and to hand over all of the things that are weighing me down. Search my heart father and help me to trust in you and have patience. Give me your peace that passes all understanding. Let your peace overflow on me daily. During the difficult times remind me that you are not far from me and that no matter what I am facing you will meet me there. Father I thank you, Amen.


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