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Nourish Your Body

We often focus on our physical body and not so much on our spiritual body. We make decisions to exercise, detox and eat healthier but how do we care for our spiritual state? Caring for our spiritual state is just as important as caring for our physical. Just like we nourish our physical bodies with food, water and other things we also have to practice nourishing our spirit. It's very important to nourish our soul as much as we nourish our physical bodies so that we can stay in alignment with God and continue to grow spiritually. We can't fully step into our calling without feeding our souls healthy things. This means we have to let go of all of the unhealthy things such as unhealthy friendships, lifestyles, mindsets and habits. As I was studying my morning devotional more in depth I began to think of all of the ways we can constantly practice nourishing our soul and I want to share some of them with you.

Practice nourishing your spirit by:

  • Reading the word of God daily.

  • Monitor the things you watch and say.

  • Monitor friendships

  • Monitor the music you listen to.

  • Go to God in prayer daily.

  • Pray Scriptures.

  • Rid yourself of unforgiveness.

  • Repeat daily scriptural affirmations.

  • Detox from social media for a month.

  • Practice giving to others.

  • Monitor your thoughts.

  • Practice having a gratitude attitude.


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