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Setting Goals And Sticking To Them

I can't begin to tell you how many times I have found myself sitting criss- cross on my bed with my journal in my hand writing down all of the goals I wanted to accomplish by the end of the year. Every new year I set all these goals that I secretly know I will never complete or even start for that matter!  As I sit on my bed looking back at all the things I had hoped to accomplish this year I realize that all of my new year agendas had something in common... they ALL had the same goals written on them that I am still yet to accomplish. Every year I'm always so motivated to create this new year, new me reality but I never set my mind to do it. I think that's where a lot of us encounter a problem, it's easy to get in the moment and make this huge "new year, new me" to -do list but we never actually make up our minds to stay committed. Finally, after a couple of months and many fails to live up to my agenda, I am now realizing what it takes to accomplish setting goals and sticking to them. Although, I have yet to master all of these I still think it's worth sharing to help you at least get an idea of how you should make changes to your life so that you can complete all of your goals.

Tip #1 Make up your mind to do them

So, I guess that you could say that this one is the most obvious, but if it was really that obvious you wouldn't be reading this post nor would this be my first tip.

We must make up our minds that we are actually going to commit to sticking to our goals. We must realize that the sooner we make up our minds the easier the transition will be. When you really become determined to do something it's really hard to persuade you to do something different.

Tip #2 You must hold yourself accountable.

You have to be able to hold yourself accountable or have someone else hold you accountable, if not then you will begin to start off right and then later on begin to slack off again because you have no accountability . So how can you hold yourself accountable? try these:

- Every time that you begin to slack pay yourself a dollar. (This is also a great way to control spending habits or meet your savings goal, it's a 2 in 1! )

- Every time that you succeed reward yourself with a nice treat. Everyone loves sweets, allow yourself to have a cookie or 2!

- Start with setting little goals and then over time review your performance.

- Make the Habit your priority.

Tip #3 Research and write down the benefits of each goal you set.

Whether your goal is eating less, reading more books, getting fit and healthy or creating more personal time for yourself  you need to see how rewarding each goal is once you accomplish it and how it will benefit you in the end. For me personally when I look at the big picture of how completing my goal will benefit me it makes me want to work twice as hard to complete it, plus it's really rewarding to complete things you've worked hard at !

Tip #4 Learn How to discipline yourself

Learning how to discipline yourself and telling yourself no can benefit you in more ways than just meeting your goals. Discipline yourself to get things done and don't allow yourself to do something else without working toward your goal first.

Tip #5 You have to want change

Lets face it our best work comes when your tired of the same thing and your ready for something different. You have to be sick and tired of doing the same routine or living in the same patterns in order to effectively complete your goal.

Tip #6 Make a schedule

schedule time for your goal. If you are trying to eat healthier then look into meal prepping and setting a certain time every day to eat. If exercising is your goal, then schedule 2 days out of the week to workout.  If reading is your goal, then schedule a set time each day to read a chapter or more until you reach your goal. Whatever your goal is make a schedule for it.

Tip #7 Prioritize your goals

yes my last tip is to prioritize your goals. Before you do any goal setting you need to figure out which goals are most important for you to set & which are least important . By doing this you keep from overwhelming yourself & you complete the necessary goals first .

Setting goals doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming , if this blog post was helpful then be sure to grab my FREE 2022 Goal Setting Workbook. In this workbook I took all of this tips & turned them into detailed activities that will help you plan, organize & stay committed so that you can bring forth your best self in 2022.



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