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Stay In The Moment

There's so many things happening all around us. Everyday there's a new tragedy in the media , something is happening in our personal lives and at some point these two conflicts will collide with one another. Oh , the stress it causes ! It can make it hard for us enjoy life and if we're not careful we can view our life through a lens of bitterness & tragedy . We'll miss out on all of the good things that happened , we'll bury the good memories in our subconscious & more importantly we'll miss what God has done ! At least that was the case for the Children of Israel , they stayed in the wilderness for 40 years because they never considered all that God had done and if we are t careful we could end up like them!

1 Samuel 12:24 ESV ; Only fear the LORD and serve him faithfully with all your heart. For consider what great things he has done for you.

The word Consider in this verse is râ'âh meaning to see ; literally and figuratively. It also means to look at , consider , inspect , perceive and Vision.

How is your vision? is there a spiritual veil placed over your eyes so that you can't see anything but your circumstances?

What are you looking at? Are you looking at the giants & defeats in your life constantly replaying how you feel like such a failure ? Or what you could have done better?

What are you constantly considering? Are you constantly considering Gods goodness and mercy? How he brought went before you and did great things?! Are you constantly considering his love and devotion to you ? His faithful promises he made to you?

This week take a moment every day and every night to consider what God has done for you . Consider (intentionally recall, ponder, think about) how good God has been to you & his character.

💡Faith Tip: Want to build your faith even more?

Set aside some time to make a list of all of the things God has done for you. Ask the Holy Spirit for help. Next find scripture that lines up and matches whatever it is that he has done or however it is he has shown up in your life !


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