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Stop Rushing And Be Still

" He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man's heart , yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from beginning to end." - Ecclesisates 3:11

It's a new year. Everyone has goals, everyone wants to be better than they were last year and some even feel that they have a point to prove to others. If you fit into this category in some way then I want you to take a step back, breathe & know that everything will be okay. Know that in the midst of all of your planning, your desires, and longing for a certain achievement God is still God and he can do for you in an instant what you are trying to make happen in a couple of months.

Place your faith in the one who created you.

Place your faith in the one who created earth, galaxy, and stars in 7 days.

Place your faith in a faithful God, one that will never change even when the year does.

I think it's okay to have goals and I think that it is okay to have a vision, to have a plan. However, don't get so caught up in the vision and the achievements that you forget about the one who even placed that desire in your heart in the first place.

In Ecclesiastes, it makes mentioned over and over again that God has already pre-determined your lot in this life. He already knows who you will be 10 years from now, 10 days from now, and even 10 minutes from now. In each and every one of us, he has placed a desire, a longing for something that he wants each of us to carry out in the earth. But get this, he gave you desires and longings yet he still made it a mystery to each of us how our life will pan out. I now understand why.

Look at you now frantically trying to accomplish all of these goals, hoping to land on one to find contentment. God has only given you a small glimpse of your future and this is the state you are in, If he were to let you in on all the details you'd lose your mind. You would possibly and quite literally drive yourself insane. More importantly, you run the risk of getting ahead of yourself and God and forgetting all about him.

So as you start this weak take some time to just live in the moment. Take some time to reflect on the year you just went through. Observe the many times you came upon an obstacle last year not knowing how you would overcome it but you did because God made a way. That God? He's still walking with you this year and if he did it then you can trust that he will do it again.

Don't get caught up in your goals and accomplishments that you miss God now or you miss out on making memories and living your life. Remember that we are only here for a short time and how you spend your time while here on this earth matters, not only to you but also to God. When the time is right God will be sure to make everything that he has planned for you happen but it's all according to his timing. Place your trust in him. Your anxiety is caused by a lack if trust in God.

Task: Make a list of the things you want to accomplish this year, examine your list and ask yourself is God involved in any of them? If not I encourage praying over your list inviting God int your plans and using scripture(s) as a foundation to build on .


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