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The God Who Sees

Gen 16:13 NKJV

“ Then she called the name of the Lord who spoke to her, ‘you are the God who sees;’ for she said,’ Have I also seen the one who sees me?’.”

Hagar was the Mistress of Abraham and Sarah. You can fully read about her story in Gen 16. Sarah & Abraham had been barren for so many years and although God had promised them that he would give them a child Sarah still felt as though God wasn’t moving fast enough. Maybe felt that for the time being that she would take matters into her own hands and temporarily give herself a counterfeit of the promise, or maybe Sarah didn’t really have faith that God would do what he really said he would do. After Sarah was pretty up in age and the longer she waited she knew that biologically she wouldn’t be able to have children.

Yet maybe Sarah’s decision was influenced by the culture that she lived in. You see in Sarah’s time and culture to go so many years w/o having any children was looked down upon by many women. It was quite embarrassing because maybe it meant you couldn’t have kids or maybe something was wrong with your marriage or maybe you were cursed by God because of a sin you committed. In Sarah’s case, it actually was a “curse” you could say, God, shut up the wombs of all women as punishment for Abimelech taking Sarah into his home (Gen 20:18).

Yet God still promised Sarah & Abraham that he would bless them with children. They wanted a child but God had greater plans for them. They were hoping for just a taste of fulfillment that could just satisfy their expectant hearts but God wanted to bless them abundantly. God promised not only that he would make them Parents but he promised that Sarah would be the mother of nations. (Gen 17:16)

Now fast forward to many Chapters later, Sarah is tired of waiting. God has promised but all of these years have passed by and he still hasn’t delivered the promise. So Sarah decided to take matters into her own hands & Go around God to get what she wants. Just temporarily until God gives her the real promise. Are there things that you are “just holding on to” until God blesses you with the real things or until you finally decide to get your life together?

So Sarah decided that since she couldn’t have children at the moment she would allow Abraham to impregnate Hagar to bear them a son and so he did ( Gen 16:4). But what Sarah hadn’t realized was the price of the temporary blessing. It brought her more sorrow than joy and not only her but all of those involved (Gen 16:5-7).

Sarah dealt harshly with Hagar because she was able to conceive, there was now tension & judgment between all 3 . Hagar flees into the wilderness where an angel of the Lord finds her and tells her that if she returns back & submits to Sarah he will multiply her descendants. When she gives birth she is to name him Ishmael because the Lord has heard her affliction. Hagar then calls the Lord the God who sees ( El Roi ).

Maybe God has promised you something but you see everyone getting their promise except for you. Maybe you are enduring affliction & harsh treatment and you feel as though God enjoys watching you suffer. Whatever it is that you are going through know that God sees you and he will always be near to you. Even when you can’t see him & even when you feel as though he is sitting behind the scenes doing nothing. Allow whatever it is that you are going through to strengthen your faith instead of drawing away from it. Cling to God tighter & cry out to him. Keep enduring just like Hagar.

God is El Roi, The God who sees!

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