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Hey Girl, It’s Your Time! 

It’s your time to Cultivate and grow into the woman God has called you to be.


let Us Water Your Soul  With What You Need!

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The Cultivating Woman is for the woman who wants...

To grow her faith

Get access to free tools and resources thst will help you study and uderstand your bible.

Godly Community

Fellowship and share your faith with other godly women as you grow.


Grow in your relationship with Christ and every area in your life

To uncover her true identity

Learn who God says you are adn step into your true identity.


Meet  Jay,

The woman who walked the same path as you to become the woman God created her to be.

She did not know the bible and had limited knowledge of Jesus before her conversion. After giving her life to Christ, God advanced her at a rapid speed through the power of the holy spirit to become a knowledgeable and fruit-bearing Christian. Months later God gave her a vision and a strong desire to reach women all around the world and help them as they embarked on the same journey as her, becoming the woman God created them to be.

The Cultivating Woman is more than an online Minitsty it’s a home for the lost, broken, and redeemed.

It doesn’t matter which path of life you’re journeying from there is something here to water the soul of every woman. Check Out the Free Resource Library for everything you need to become a well-watered woman.

The blog is overflowing with good things...

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