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Welcome to The cultivating Woman blog! We are super excited to have you. 

The Cultivating Woman Blog is a faith-based blog created to help young Christian women cultivate into the woman she desires to be in Christ. From faith, fashion, and lifestyle we have it all covered.  The cultivating woman doesn't just focus on the physical being but also the spiritual.  Here you can find resources such as bible study plans, prayer cards, prayers and so much more to grow your faith!  

Whether you're new on this faith-filled journey, struggling, or well seasoned there is something here for everyone.

So grab a cup of coffee and a quiet space as you explore the world of The cultivating Woman! 


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Hi, I'm jailyn founder of  The cultivating Woman!  I am a part-time college student pursuing a nursing degree and a part-time blogger helping to build the kingdom by using my gifts to draw women closer to Christ.  I provide the resources needed for every woman to grow, nurture and cultivate into the godly woman she desires to be. 

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