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Our Mission

The Cultivating has one mission and one mission only . To help every daughter of God cultivate into the Godly woman he has created them to be. 

The Cultivating Woman makes this possible by providing each woman with faith building resources centered around the bible. We offer resources such as journal prompts, Bible study sheets, prayer cards and more. All of these can be accessed by visiting our password-protected page titled,  " Empowerment resources." 

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The Cultivating Woman seeks to serve women who are looking to find their identity, women who know they were called to be more than who they currently are, women who are in need of healing, and women who seek a faith led community that will help them grow closer to Christ.

If you are someone who can identify with any of these then The Cultivating Woman is the perfect place for you to be and we are more than happy to serve you!

Meet The Founder 

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Hi, I'm Jailyn Smith the founder of The Cultivating Woman!  I'm in my early 20s & and seeking an Associate's Degree in Applied Science.


I love food, the color blue, DIY projects, and helping others. I'm so filled with joy that God has allowed me to serve you all at the Cultivating Woman by using my experiences and creativity to bring you the resources you need to receive your healing and walk in your God-given identity.

3 years ago I was the girl who suffered from depression, unworthiness, and very low self-esteem. I longed to find my identity and sense of belonging in things other than Christ. I knew that I was here for a greater purpose but I couldn't see past the darkness that surrounded me.  I was stuck in an area of my life uncertain of what would come next and just hoping that one day I would be lucky enough to become the happy and successful person I have always imagined myself to be.   

Finally, in 2019 I encountered God for the first time supernaturally and my life has changed in so many ways! God has broken the spirit of bondage and depression that had such a strong grip on me. God has taken the broken pieces of my life and mended them into a jaw-dropping masterpiece and I want to tell you that he can do the same for you. 

There was only one problem. I knew nothing about God or the bible. I didn't understand that God wanted a relationship with me and as a result, I struggled with getting closer to him. Had so many questions but no place to answer them. When I finally understood my relationship with God began to flourish and then the healing began to take place.

God planted a desire deep within my heart to provide a community for God's daughters to have their questions answers, and to have guidance and resources so that they may be able to get closer to him without all of the trouble like I had. I pray you find The Cultivating Woman to be the exact community you need.

What Does TCW Have To Offer?


Fitness should be a part of our routines at least once weekly. Fitness is not only good for your health but also your heart! Here at TCW, you can find exercise logs, plans, and blog posts.


Here at TCW, we make it our goal to provide you with the resources you need to fuel your faith and encounter God daily. check out our FREE resource library to find journal prompts, bible study sheets,  prayer cards, and more. 


Health is so important and one way that we have the most impact on our health is by the food we eat. Here at TCW, you can find all sorts of recipes ranging from breakfast to snacks. 

Blog Posts

Our blog is full of relatable blog posts ranging from lifestyle to mental health, beauty hacks, devotionals, and more.  Remember God wants us to win in every area of our life not just spiritually. These blog posts are guaranteed to help you conquer them all.

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